A monogram adds a touch of luxury to even the simplest gifts. Whether for yourself or someone special, the addition of a monogram lets the recipient know that their gift was hand-picked and carefully considered. Our in-house monogrammers use a traditional technique where everything is done by hand. The letters are heated & stamped into the leather surface for lasting quality. This is a time-intensive process.

Below we’ve included more details about our personalization options available.

What Font is Available ?

We use a classic Seriff Font in 36 point size.

We find this works well on everything.

What letters or symbols do you use ?

Upper and Lower case characters


Symbols    –   #  &

Please note we do not emboss dots.

Our stamping letterpress is custom made from solid brass for a quality personalisation.

How many letters can I have monogrammed?

You can have up to five characters monogrammed on each of our items free of charge with your purchase. Some of our smaller items, like our luggage tags and small card cases, can only fit 2 – 3 characters.

Should you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What is the cost of monogramming?

1 – 4   Characters Standard Foil FREE

5 – 10 Characters Standard Foil $20

1 – 4   Characters 22KT Gold Foil $30

What colours can you monogram?

We have a range of standard foil options available (free up to 5 characters):

Dark blue
Blind Emboss

22KT Gold up to 6 Characters $30

What does blind emboss mean?

Blind emboss means that no foil is applied to the monogram. The Brass letters are heated and stamped directly into the leather leaving no colour. The monogram will be indented into the leather but not coloured.

Please note that as all our monogramming is done by hand, every item is unique and there may be slight variations.

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