Our products are designed in Australia by our label’s design team then made by carefully selected manufacturers and craftsmen worldwide. We travel the world to ensure the best possible quality of materials is used in the manufacture of our products to bring you an exceptional and affordable product.

As our production is based in different parts of the world we use different leathers for different products and we are careful to include the type of leather used in each of our product descriptions.


In order to care and preserve the quality of your leather products we recommend you avoid exposure to excessive heat and humidity, avoid contact with abrasive or sharp surfaces and exposure to liquids which may cause damage. If exposed to water dry immediately with a soft cloth and leave to dry in a well aired space out of direct sunlight.

Store leather away from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. You may wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents or soap. If you using a dedicated leather cleaning product ensure to test a small area first and ALWAYS follow instructions.

Take extra care with the monogram part of your product and keep it away from cosmetics oils and other chemicals as excessive contact and  rubbng against other surfaces will cause the monogram to fade over time.


Our main collection of full grain, cowhide leathers in classic colours


Luxurious and timeless, this is top quality calf leather textured with a cross-hatch pattern with a wax treatment finish, is very stylish and durable. The cross-hatch design makes the leather very resistant to stains, scratches and is also water repellent and is used by many of the luxury fashion houses. The leather was originally designed by Mario Prada, of the Italian fashion house Prada.

We have brought you a selection of luxury bags expertly crafted in Italy using Italian Saffiano Leather.

Our range of products made in Asia primarily use specially selected premium saffiano leather produced in that region.


This is a luxurious soft nappa type leather sourced from Italy, made from full grain cowhide with a pebble textured finish. This full grain leather boasts a polished finish, fine grain and a soft hand feel.


A luxurious and beautiful full grain cowhide leather with an impeccably smooth finish sourced from Italy.

Please note as leather it is a natural product there may be small variations in the leather. Different leathers will wear differently and may change in appearance over time.

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